Insurance for tomorrow's emerging markets.

90% of people in Africa have no safety net if they get sick. We're changing that.
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Good, Simple Insurance Coverage

Turaco designs simplified and useful insurance products for our customers at extremely affordable monthly premiums. 

Values-Aligned Distribution Partnerships

Turaco distributes products in partnership with businesses who care about our customers as much as we do. 





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Your Health.
Your way.
Product Design

Turaco designs our products and services to be nimble and customer focused. We understand that the microinsurance market is nuanced – it requires innovative and bespoke solutions.

Customer Service

Insurance is about having your back. Unfortunately, a lot of insurance companies have lost their way, avoiding claims or drowning their customers in a maze of bureaucratic processes and paperwork. We value simplicity, communication and transparency. We are transforming the way insurance works.


It’s simple: we want to pay them, and fast. 

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